Is Assisted Living Right for You?

Park Avenue Villa recognizes that considering the option to move to an assisted living facility is not a decision to that can be rushed into quickly.  Therefore it is our job to arm you with the necessary information and lovingly field any questions that you might have concerning this transition.

Our aim is to create an environment each tenant can truly call home.  In order to accomplish this we carefully assess the tenant’s needs prior to moving in, and then create a plan to meet those needs. All your health care needs, including medication management and assistance with bathing, dressing, walking, transferring and other daily tasks are handled by a licensed caregivers. This allows for a higher, more personalized level of care.

Our tenants also have the opportunity to participate in daily exercise program planned activities and spiritual programs.

To help you evaluate, if indeed, assisted living is a viable option for you or your loved one, consider the following list of questions. If you answer “yes” to at least one question, assisted living might be an opportunity for you or your loved one.

  1. Is it possible that doing your own yard work or house work could very well become a detriment to your safety or health?
  2. Are you struggling with remembering to take your medication?
  3. Have you begun to lose track of when your bills should be paid?
  4. Do you often have a desire to be more active or to have a social life?
  5. Have you become anxious about being alone, especially at night due a lack of security?
  6. Is it difficult to maintain healthy hygiene and keep well-groomed?
  7. Do you have a hard time remembering appointments with your family, your friends and your physician?      
  8. Are you growing increasingly forgetful (forgetting major life events, birthdays, sentimental memories)?

How to Talk About Senior Living

Starting a conversation with a loved one about moving to an assisted living facility doesn’t need to be awkward, invasive or difficult. If you’re feeling nervous, uncomfortable or guilty bringing up the subject, the following tips may assist you in making the conversation a little bit easier.

Talking to Your Parents

Here are some recommendations for bringing up this sensitive subject to parents.  Keep in mind that your parent(s) served as a caretaker for so many years and that it may be difficult to see the roles reversed.  With care and compassion, reaffirm your love and concern for them.  Allow them to have a voice and preserve their sense of dignity so that they feel like they are actively involved in the decision rather than being told what to do.  Make sure that you have enough information and that they can clearly see all of their options.  Include other siblings and necessary family members.  You may find it particularly helpful to invite a trusted person outside the family who your parent(s) respect.  Allow them to lend their influence and help to eliminate perceived fears.  Take your time and allow your loved one the appropriate time needed to absorb all the information. Hearing and understanding your parent(s) wishes and concerns is imperative to help create the senior lifestyle they want and deserve.

If you have any questions and need to request more information. Call Beth at Park Avenue Villa. 701-483-3000

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